08 August 2010

New Parents Prayer (Free Sheet Music)

Click Here to get "New Parents Prayer" pdf Piano Sheet Music
(You will need the free Adobe Reader to view and print the sheet music

Click Here to get "New Parents Prayer" mp3

View the Video on YouTube (Wow! 40,000 hits and growing!)

Thanks to Google Docs & the suggestion of a friend, I can once again offer free piano sheet music & mp3s.  (You can of course, donate what you think the download is worth via PayPal to help show me its worth the time to transcribe other songs to offer.)

02 August 2010

Renewal...1 year later...

Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men...  Geocities died, so all my free sheet music and mp3s got wiped out.  I started this blog a year ago to make it easier for folks on the web to find my music & piano sheets, but life and work kind of got in the way.  So let's try this again.

Over the next month, I'll be looking for a host to my files and making a stronger effort to keep this page updated without requiring a huge investment.  I will also be attempting to write another Eurovision song for Finland, put together a Christmas show, try to do a few more youtube videos for some of the songs from my debut album BALANCE, and more.

Thanks for your patience and support.

29 August 2009

Welcome to Steven Stewart Music Blog

What's this Blog All About?
My name is Steven Stewart and I am a songwriter and artist living in Finland.

This blog will include information, videos, mp3s, sheet music & updates about both my own music as well as about songs I write for other arists.

I will also be sharing music and buzz about other artists who I am listening to or who have influenced me.

Contact: stevenstewartmusic@ovi.com

BIO: As an artist, the genre of most of my own music is Contemporary Christian. Kind of organic electronic piano-driven pop. When I play live, its usually just me and a piano, rather than using playback or a full band.

I was also in two bands as the lead singer. In America, with "Shoot the Mime" and in Finland with "Fake Finn" (later performing as "Frozen Ocean") The style was mostly melodic rock.

For other artists, I have written in most genres. I'm a big fan of well-crafted pop and singer/songwriters, but also enjoy rock, soul/r&b/new country/ and electronic.

In Finland, some of the artists who have recorded my music are: Anna Abreu (3x Platinum), Antti Tuisku (Platinum), Katri Yländer (Gold), Club for Five, Geir Rönning, Agnes, Panu Larnos, Laura Voutilainen, Jari Sillanpää, Aki Sirkesalo, Sani (Aikokone), and others.

A few other artists I have cowritten with or for are Hilary Weeks, Lise Darly, Jenee Wright Prince, Alex Boyé, Wayne Burton, Michael Webb, Michael McLean, EFY, and more.

Over the next few weeks, I will start adding links to youtube, pictures, and exclusive mp3s. Thanks for dropping by.